Dear Members,

Cara Link emailed a survey regarding family illness days earlier today. Per our contract, Article VII.A.1 (pg 8), “an employee with unused personal days may have the option of converting up to three days per year into family illness days . Once converted, family illness days may accumulate but cannot be reimbursed or added to unused sick days.”

This was negotiated in the last round, which was prior to the implementation of the new state law regarding sick days. Therefore, you still have the option to convert up to 3 unused personal days into family illness days. However, sick days and family illness days now can be used for similar purposes based on the new state law. 

Our recommendation is to not convert unused personal days to family illness days because the new sick day law allows for sick days to be used as family illness days. If you have already filled out the survey or have family illness days in your bank, you can continue to use them for family illness. However, moving forward, it would be best to use those days up because they won’t count toward your retirement sick day payout.

For more information about the new sick leave law, follow this link to information about it from NJEA’s website. This expansion of your rights would not have been possible without the hard work and dues dollars of NJEA members and staff across the state.

In unity,