Did you open that first paycheck in September and get a bit confused looking at your pay stub?

It’s normal. There are a lot of deductions listed there, and if you’re not familiar with the acronyms it can be overwhelming.

That’s why NJEA is hosting an event at the end of the month for early career members like yourself. At Pizza and Paychecks, you’ll learn what all those various deductions are. You’ll also get an overview of some of the benefits you’re entitled to as a result of those deductions – like your pension, life insurance, and paid family leave.

Plus, there will be some good food and you can network with other educators from around Hunterdon County.

The event is after school on Thursday, September 29 at Lone Eagle Brewing in Flemington. If you’re available, then go ahead and register here: https://bit.ly/njeapizza

Thanks, and we hope your school year is off to a great start!